Dino Borlone with M.° Colombini - 1965

A poet and writer, Dino Borlone was born in Rome in 1935 and was the author of the texts for many of Maestro Colombini’s works and compositions.
After his classical studies and a Law Degree, he was invited by Maestro Colombini to write librettos for “Il Ghetto” (Varsavia 1943), for the composer’s last completed opera “Germinal”, for the unfinished opera “Masha” and for his only two cantatas: “Survival” (on the determination to react against environmental destruction in our society) and “Ricognizione” (an “exploration” of memory), in remembrance of the Maestro’s wife.
His natural talents and classical humanistic culture endowed him with a great aptitude for expression and an uncommon ability to adjust literary texts and dialogues to the often complex and changeable demands of music language as well as those of the musician’s intentions.
By chance, and despite their different ages, the two collaborating authors both passed away in 1991.


Dino Borlone - 1990

Dino Borlone with M.° Colombini - 1990