His music

Maestro Colombini’s music is an example of extreme professionalism and heart-felt adherence to the artistic and social moment. In an extraordinary way, the Author possesses technique, passion and expressive power that is too often disregarded by those who can only see progress as connected to the phenomenology and essence of sound. Maestro Giancarlo Colombini takes us back to what is real, to a confrontation between characters, to introspection, to the tragic image of Man experiencing his dramatic short adventure. Musical transfiguration takes place as a natural development of the events that turn into lyrical poetry, both in the most delicate passages and in the vehement, passionate ensembles. When listening to his music one is filled with amazement and joy, since the Author’s imagination, more than anything else, unmistakeably dominates and defines the musical subject, which is mastered with undeniable artistry.
His music is innovative, rich in rhythmic contrasts and dissonance; yet it maintains its melodic communicative power and that is why it is easily understood and enjoyed by both learned audiences and the general, non-specialist public. 



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